Do you have an event under 35 participants?

Would you like to organize fast and easily? From 2016 you also have the possibility to do that with the Day Holiday SmartPlatform offer request system. With the help of our new application you can save time and money. Ask for an offer at our konferenciakonline.hu page directly from the event venues!

However, if you require our personal presence and personalized service with events under 35 participants, feel free to get in touch with us directly!

How can I request an offer?

According to the aspects that you have provided the offer request system filters the possible locations. You just have to provide the date, the number of participants and the requested range of services. At the communications platform provided by the website the response of the hotel arrives with the exact prices and parameters. Later on you can request any changes, the answer of the hotel arrives to you directly in the shortest possible time. This conversation (information exchange) is safe and is going on in a closed system. Search among quality tested event venues!

What do you have to do if you are planning an event with more than 35 participants?

If you have a corporate event with more than 35 participants, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@dayholiday.hu or you can also contact us through the Konferenciakonline offer request system.

After you have chosen the hotels, at the pop-up window choose the option of organizing an event above 35 participants.

The motto of our company is that it works as a gentry tailor. Our team which has many years of professional experience awaits your requests and we will send you our personalized offer shortly.